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Nagra is market leader in content value protection for the pay TV industry.

It protects more than $90 billion in annual revenues for more than 550 pay TV service providers and works with many of the largest operators worldwide, including Dish Network, Canal+, Altice Group, Telefonica, Vodafone, Skylife and Liberty Global, to name a few.

Nagra is also a leading partner to a large majority of Hollywood studios with its watermarking solutions for production, post-production and digital cinema.

The company also benefits from the Kudelski Group’s ongoing investment in R&D (more than $200m a year) and its extensive patent portfolio.

In 2013, NAGRA’s parent company, the Kudelski Group launched Kudelski Security, a new cybersecurity business serving the USA and European markets.

It is the largest pure-play cybersecurity solutions provider in Switzerland and one of the fastest growing cybersecurity solutions providers in the USA.

In early 2017, to address demand for increased protection of connected devices, the group launched its Internet of Things (IoT) Security Centre of Excellence, capitalising on the expertise of Nagra’s decades of innovation in protecting digital TV content and devices.

Content Value Protection

Nagra’s research has shown that streaming piracy via set-tops, apps and add-ons is
a major security threat which will only get worse.

The company has been proactive in raising awareness about this growing threat and proposed solutions through technological solutions and legal expertise, that can help content owners and service providers keep piracy under control.

The company has solutions that go beyond traditional content protection and encryption technologies to address illicit streaming head-on with a holistic approach to content value protection, leveraging new cybersecurity technology and creating anti-piracy ecosystems.

Recent successes in anti-piracy include the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) and the Deutsche Football League, Bundesliga, for monitoring and take-down services, as well as winning a default judgement in the USA worth $101 million in a lawsuit against China’s Zhuhai Gotech Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., alleged to operate a global piracy network that sold millions of piracy-enabled set-top boxes.

Engaging User Experience

The Nagra product range offers a diverse set of user experiences offering consumers the best content discovery possible to satisfy all levels of users, from basic to the content connoisseur, enabling service providers to offer the best-in-class service.

Nagra OpenTV Suite is built to address the need for unification and simplicity, focused on operational efficiency, business profitability and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Technologies and Data Analytics

Nagra’s unique content value protection concept features security headends tailored to the business needs of pay TV service providers with common security clients adopted across device ecosystems for both broadcast and connected networks.

The Nagra cloud.SSP security platform takes CAS and DRM technology to the next level to enable secure premium content delivery over any two-way network to any device while offering a migration from an off-the-shelf system to a modular headend as services evolve.

It also guards against any type of threat and vulnerability to Android TV deployments.
Evolving viewer behaviour and a dynamic competitive landscape are posing significant challenges to the premium content industry, leading to growing risks of increased churn and reduced ARPU in several markets.

With its Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) Insight platform, Nagra helps pay TV providers drive their business using big data and artificial intelligence to generate smart actions that improve the business bottom line.

The platform leverages a cross-functional team that has strong pay TV experience and that includes high-level consultants, marketers, content distribution strategists, data scientists, architects, developers and data technologists.

Unlike business intelligence generalist platforms, Insight comes with big data and artificial intelligence algorithms applied to pay TV business issues.

Insight can be used directly by operational, marketing and content teams at pay TV providers to improve business metrics and by business intelligence teams to enrich their data and predictions.

The infrastructure of pay TV operators is a strong asset and differentiator. Insight adds an intelligent layer on top of it to make it agile and customer-centric, creating artificial intelligence-driven actions and measuring their impact. It enables pay TV operators to make more money and make better strategic decisions.

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