Fostering content creation and film-making

Established in 2005, Dubai Studio City (DSC), which is a member of the TECOM Group, is a well-established, thriving community within the media and entertainment sectors. Home to many global powerhouses and Fortune 500 companies, DSC is a regional platform for companies within the broadcasting, filmmaking, content creation, media production and entertainment sectors.
With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the community offers outstanding production and post-production facilities including soundstages, pre-built studios and a three million-square feet backlot.
It also has a broad array of supporting services that include recording studios, boutique studios and office spaces.
Dubai Studio City Soundstages is the largest venue in the MENA region with an approximate area of 50,000 square feet, offering cutting-edge film shooting spaces and event venues with complete sound proofing, noise criterion of 25 and height of almost 16-metres. The ceiling of the soundstages can carry a weight of up to 12 tonnes, with each rigging point weighing 700 kilograms. The Soundstages have two elephant door entrances that are six metres in height, and between the two soundstages (the area of which is 25,000 sq.ft.) is a huge elephant door that is 30m in width and 15m in height.
In 2018, DSC Soundstages was selected as the venue to host the world’s biggest annual book sale, the 10-day Big Bad Wolf, as well as the grand finale of the Arab Hope Makers Award. In addition, DSC hosted an exclusive two-day event showcasing the Emirati filmmaking heritage.
The venue acted as a space to produce blockbuster movies and TV series including Star Trek Beyond, The Cube, Master Chef Arabia and Saraya Abdeen.
Dubai Studio City’s mandate is to foster innovation and increase knowledge in the entertainment sector. The community acts as a supporting platform for talented individuals, start-ups, SMEs and MNEs alike. Dubai Studio City recently launched a new initiative titled ‘CineMENA’, a unique platform dedicated to celebrating the art of content. It fosters all aspects of content creation in a bid to identify and shape local and regional talent.
The initiative offers a programme of industry-related activities, including workshops, seminars, masterclasses, exhibitions, networking events and outdoor film screenings.
Over the last three years, Dubai Studio City successfully organised diverse workshops in all aspects of film and media production that collectively drew the participation of over 2,000 amateurs and professionals. Furthermore, it acts as a key enabler for the growth and evolution of the entertainment, film industry and content creation in the region.
The community offers a vibrant space with world-class facilities and supporting services where people can work, live and play. The community includes wide lifestyle offerings in entertainment, retail and wellness and several residential and office space options. DSC is a holistic community where innovation is welcomed and creativity is encouraged among members.
The ongoing aim is to advocate knowledge amongst DSC members and regularly host and participate in several industry-led events where members have the opportunity to network with each other, including workshops held at in5 Media.
Dubai Studio City is part of an ecosystem which consists of Dubai Media City (DMC) – the region’s leading community solely dedicated to the media sector – and Dubai Production City (DPC) – a leading business hub that facilitates growth within the warehousing, events, innovation, printing and publishing sectors. DPC is also home to the incubator in5 Media, a platform that nurtures ideas and businesses to their next phase of growth.

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