Synamedia enables service providers and content owners in the Middle East to protect, enrich and deliver video. For national networks at the leading edge of entertainment or streamers in niches, our video entertainment expertise and flexible cloud-based technology make it easy for customers of all types and sizes to launch, monetize and scale streaming services at speed.

Our award-winning portfolio includes intelligence-led anti-piracy, advanced advertising, business analytics, broadband and streaming video platforms, and video network cloud and software solutions.

Synamedia’s CEO is Paul Segre.

Connecting a bigger audience

Building on our R&D heritage as a leader in pay-TV technologies, our multi-tenant SaaS solutions are designed to solve customers’ biggest pain points – how to rapidly launch and update services to become and remain competitive – whilst giving them control. Customers can try before they buy, experiment with low investment, and then move to a pay as you grow model, with the benefit of constant product features enhancements.

We also support our existing pay-TV customers as they transition to IP with platforms and services encompassing security, set-top box software and video delivery and processing.

For Etisalat in UAE, a longstanding technology partner of Synamedia, we recently teamed up with 3ScreenSolutions to develop smart TV and Apple TV apps for its Switch TV streaming service, ensuring their smart TV subscribers enjoy a seamless, lean back viewing experience.


  • OTT ServiceGuard – the first solution on the market to protect streaming content across all open platforms. It systemically addresses the inherent weaknesses that make it easy for pirates to not only steal content but also stealing entire streaming services, including redistributing directly from the streaming provider’s CDN.
  • EverGuard – a managed service that combines forensic watermarking, fingerprinting, smart agents and automation tools to identify the source of leaks, remove illegal content, block illegal streaming, and take down the pirate’s network infrastructure without waiting for third party take-downs.
  • Credentials Sharing and Fraud Insight (CSFEye) – a predictive analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) solution that identifies credentials sharing activity and triggers a response at scale.


The agility and flexibility of our cloud-first SaaS solutions and services ensure customers stay competitive and can start small, move fast, and grow – for example, launching a streaming service in a new market or introducing addressable advertising.

  • Synamedia Go – our complete cloud video suite, features the Go.Foundation entry level service complemented by a suite of add-on packs, including Go.Monetize, Go.Personalize and Go.Recommend. Synamedia Go offers video service providers of any size everything they need to rapidly launch a streaming service as well as the ability to customize it to increase value.
  • Synamedia Iris – our complete addressable TV advertising platform, makes TV advertising a competitor to online by creating a joined-up view of audiences across all TV and video services and apps. Even a small, local advertiser can now choose TV advertising to pinpoint a specific audience, even those viewing through a set-top box with one-way communications. Operators can pick and mix capabilities – for example creating ad inventory or managing audience segments, campaigns and measurement – as their needs evolve.
  • Synamedia Clarissa – helps service providers understand their audience, monetize their inventory and grow new revenues. Clarissa uncovers critical behavioral relationships and patterns by collecting and analyzing data across networks, platforms, services, and clients, delivered over broadcast TV and streaming.


Our technologies – including compression and low latency – ensure customers can deliver pin-sharp video quality on modular and flexible SaaS platforms with less infrastructure and less bandwidth. We power 1,000 operators and 100 million daily viewers.

  • VIVID Workflow-as-a-service (WaaS) – underpins the delivery of pristine picture quality on all connected devices with low latency streaming. Combined with our VIVID compression zero compromise solution, WaaS enables the distribution of 8K content, at scale and cost-effectively, for new immersive viewing experiences.
  • Edge Media Streaming – this high-performance Edge CDN solution scales to deliver high-quality, low-latency Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) video for live, on-demand and time-shifted TV.
  • Low Latency OTT Media Streaming – part of VIVID Workflow-as-a-service, this combines the latest streaming protocols – such as HLS-LL, DASH-LL and HESP – with a smart containerization scheme to achieve the industry’s lowest latency at scale.


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