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As the world’s largest independent video software provider, Synamedia offers a broad range of solutions and services designed to help broadcasters and operators in the Middle East win in the age of ‘infinite entertainment’. Over 200 top broadcasters, satellite DTH, cable, telco and OTT operators and media companies rely on Synamedia to deliver, protect, and monetise their video content.
Synamedia began operations in October 2018. The company was formed from the sale of Cisco’s service provider, Video Software Solutions, a business that was created when Cisco purchased NDS, a start-up company in 2012. Synamedia’s CEO is Yves Padrines and its chairman, Dr Abe Peled.

Focal Points

The company works with customers to:

  • Detect and disrupt soaring streaming piracy with security offerings and services such as Streaming Piracy Disruption, which leverages Synamedia’s world-class Operational Security (OpSec) intelligence
  • Evolve and optimise a client’s broadcast infrastructure to deliver secure IP/OTT streaming and hybrid services
  • Find new ways to generate revenues, including addressable advertising, based on viewer data and analytics

The company’s portfolio of leading pay TV and media customers include AT&T, Astro, Bharti Airtel, beIN, Comcast, Disney, Liberty Global, OSN, Sky, Vodafone, and Evision in January 2020.

Video Network

The Synamedia video network business boasts a portfolio that optimises every single part of your video network with its end-to-end solutions – for content providers, service operators and media distribution networks.
Synamedia’s ground-breaking video network technologies include the award-winning virtualised Digital Content Manager with Smart Rate Control and Automation and low-latency ABR. Another winner is the recently announced software-centric Converged Headend solution which ensures operators can win the battle of the eyeballs by bringing together multiple broadcast and broadband workflows, and delivering premium high video quality at scale to any screen.
When it comes to live streaming, Synamedia solutions are designed to intensify the quality and cost-effectiveness of video and let customers simplify workflows, minimise bandwidth requirements and deliver low latency, high-quality video to any screen and on any network, reliably and securely.

Security Solutions

With a 30-year track record and a pay TV security platform that has never been hacked, Synamedia’s name is synonymous with video security. It protects over $70bn of pay TV operator revenue annually. Synamedia’s pioneering security offerings, including conditional access, multi-DRM and forensic watermarking technology solutions, combine human and machine intelligence to protect content and revenues as well as detect and disrupt piracy. For example, the Credentials Sharing Insight allows operators to detect fraudulent and casual sharing and apply enforcement procedures.

Video Platforms

Synamedia’s Infinite and Foundation platforms let customers evolve their broadcast infrastructure to deliver secure IP/OTT streaming and hybrid services at their own pace.
Infinite is a cloud-based platform that allows customers to process, secure, distribute and monetise premium video experiences across all screens while deepening viewer engagement.
The Foundation platform offers a stepping-stone to Infinite with hybrid IP. This incremental approach makes it easy for providers to add new IP services while avoiding any disruption to subscribers. Additionally, the world-class, highly scalable Cloud DVR solution allows subscribers to record and play back live broadcast at any time, on any device or network.

Analytics and Advanced Advertising

Using data and real-time analytics, customers can glean insights into consumer behaviour and audience trends. This allows operators to enhance their pay TV offerings with truly personalised, high quality video experiences as well as reducing churn and increasing ARPU. This valuable insight combined with addressable advertising technology for linear TV provides a new revenue stream for operators. Addressable advertising helps operators attract new TV advertisers for smaller, niche audiences and boost inventory value by generating revenue from multiple advertisers for the same ad spots.

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